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Prepare the necessary divorce papers with the help of our service. Get the forms required for an uncontested divorce in MA in a few days and use them to file for divorce online in Massachusetts or start a traditional offline process.

Complete Massachusetts Divorce Papers Online

Massachusetts Online Divorce is a modern solution for completing divorce papers. This online divorce service will work for you if your case is uncontested and you want to speed up document preparation. When couples have resolved all divorce-related issues, meaning they have an uncontested dissolution, they can save money on legal representation, end their marriage faster, and reduce potential emotional stress.

If you order divorce papers online in Massachusetts from our service, you will get the completed forms that fully reflect your situation, receive the detailed filing instructions, and be eligible for free revisions as long as your account is active.

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What Massachusetts Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

The specifics of a divorce case define the divorce forms in Massachusetts a couple has to prepare. Spouses with multiple assets to divide or those having minor kids need to fill out more papers. Typically, the package of forms for an uncontested marriage dissolution includes:

Complaint for Divorce/Joint Petition for Divorce
Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown
Record of Absolute Divorce (R-408)
Marital Settlement Agreement
Financial Statement.

The list is not final and will depend on your specific case. As long as it is uncontested, we are ready to help you with the necessary documents. You will receive your filled-out papers within the chosen deadline. After that, you can use them to apply for divorce online or offline.

How It Works?

File for Divorce in Massachusetts Online in 3 Simple Steps


Provide Basic Information

Answer a few simple questions to see if you qualify for an uncontested divorce. Our system will analyze your information automatically. If everything is OK, you will be redirected to a more comprehensive questionnaire.


Describe Your Divorce Case in Detail

Complete the main questionnaire, which is divided into sections such as personal information, property, debts, children, etc. Specify all the data required so that our system can choose and fill out case-specific divorce forms for you. Make sure the information is correct and accurate.


Get Your Divorce Forms

A completed divorce packet online will be available in your account. After notification that the papers are ready, download them to your device, print them out, and file them with the local court. Alternatively, you can use digital versions if you are going to get an online divorce through electronic filing. 

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

Whether you want to get a divorce online or offline, you need to prepare divorce forms. Our service is a convenient option for spouses interested in a peaceful marriage ending and seeking budget-friendly assistance with document preparation. More and more couples delegate Massachusetts divorce paperwork to us because we offer:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Massachusetts

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Some couples think that a DIY divorce is the best option in terms of expenses. However, that isn’t always the case.

  • If you make mistakes in papers, you’ll have to redo them and pay a filing fee again.
  • If some important information is missing in the forms, the divorce outcome may turn out to be not what you expected.
  • When there is nobody to help you with paperwork or other divorce tasks, you may feel stressed and exhausted.
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Online Divorce in Massachusetts

An online divorce in Massachusetts is an advantageous option for couples who have reached an agreement on all divorce topics. By choosing this document preparation option, you will take advantage of:

  • Promptly and timely paperwork at an affordable price.
  • Easy-to-navigate website and convenient questionnaire.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to file your divorce documents.
  • Customer support available round the clock.
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Divorce with a Lawyer

When it comes to divorce, people usually think about hiring a lawyer. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before doing that.

  • Involving a lawyer is expensive, considering that they usually charge on an hourly basis.
  • Divorce conflicts may become more severe as attorneys try to win a case no matter what.
  • Hiring a lawyer may mean less direct involvement of the spouses in the decision-making.

Why Choose Massachusetts Divorce Online?

Cost-efficient solution

The Massachusetts divorce papers ordered from us are several times cheaper than what attorneys charge for such assistance.

Quick turnaround

You can streamline the document preparation process and get a quick divorce in Massachusetts. There is no need to navigate the legal paperwork on your own or adjust to the lawyer’s schedule.


You can get divorce help online when it comes to preparing documents whenever needed. The platform is optimized for different types of devices and is available 24/7.


The data you enter on the site is protected by modern technologies. It will be used only when completing your forms and will never get into the hands of any third parties.


Our platform is easy to navigate and use. Even if you have never ordered similar services, you will quickly understand how to complete a questionnaire, make a payment, download the forms, etc.

Filing instructions included

In addition to case-specific papers, we provide our clients with filing instructions. So, with the ready forms and guidelines, you can at once start an easy online divorce or a traditional offline process.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ben A.
“My wife and I were going through an uncontested divorce. We were looking for a cost-effective way to handle the paperwork without the hefty legal fees. Fortunately, we found this service. Our papers were ready in just 2 days. Thanks a lot.”
Ben A.
Matt L.
“When I decided to order divorce paperwork online, its low cost was the main factor in choosing this company. I was really anxious about my divorce and surely did not want to spend thousands on it. This service is really budget-friendly without compromising quality of documents.”
Matt L.
Olivia K.
“Pretty fast! I spent just a couple of days from the moment I started the questionnaire till I received my completed forms. This was crucial for me as I wanted to file for divorce in Massachusetts as soon as possible and have it finalized quickly.”
Olivia K.
Betty S.
“The big advantage is anytime & anywhere access to the platform. I saved so much time without all that appointments with lawyers! I received the forms and applied for divorce online. That’s easy!”
Betty S.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, it is legal. Spouses that have an uncontested marriage dissolution can go for a legit online divorce by sending their forms via an official electronic filing system.

Firstly, you need to collect and fill out divorce forms. You can do that yourself, hire a lawyer, or order the papers from a credible service. Once done, use the eFileMA portal and submit your documents.

The divorce can take 4-5 months, on average, due to the mandatory waiting period of 30 days from the hearing date till the judgment nisi is entered and 90 days more until the divorce is considered finalized.

If you order papers from an online service, the whole cost of your uncontested divorce can be approximately $400-$450. If you hire a lawyer, the price will likely increase by several thousand dollars.