Massachusetts Divorce Forms in PDF Format

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If you’ve decided to apply for divorce in Massachusetts, you need to complete state-specific forms and file them with a family court in your county. Your particular situation will affect the number and type of forms you’ll have to prepare, but some of them are obligatory in most divorces.

We have outlined the key documents needed to finalize a divorce in Massachusetts, summarized what information each form contains, and provided links to access printable versions online. We hope to make your divorce paperwork easier with the guidelines provided.

 Complaint for Divorce

A petitioner has to complete and file this legal document to start a divorce process. It usually contains personal information about spouses (names, addresses, contact data, etc.), grounds for seeking marriage termination, and the desired relief. A Complaint for Divorce, together with other Massachusetts divorce documents, must be served to a defendant within 90 days from the moment of initiating marriage dissolution.

Download Complaint for Divorce


Image of the document summons to obtain a divorce in MA
Submitting a Summons is a mandatory procedural requirement to start the legal process in Massachussets.

It is an official notification to the defendant that the other spouse has initiated the divorce. It contains the following information:

  • the case number;
  • the address of the court where the case is filed;
  • the deadline by which a defendant has to prepare an answer;
  • the consequences of not responding to the Complaint.

Summons is one of the mandatory MA divorce forms to prepare unless spouses choose to be co-petitioners.

Download Summons

Financial Statement

Spouses have to fill out this paper to provide the court with an in-depth overview of their financial situation. Typically, the parties need to specify their income and expenses, assets, and liabilities. The judge will use this information to determine child support and alimony, the way marital property will be divided, etc.

Download Financial Statement (Short Form/Long Form)

Joint Petition for Divorce

When spouses mutually agree to divorce, usually due to an irretrievably broken marriage, they can file this legal form. It allows them to make the entire process more streamlined. The paper contains personal information of the spouses, details about their marriage, and arrangements concerning child custody and support, alimony, property division, and other relevant matters.

Download Joint Petition for Divorce

Separation Agreement

Image of the separation agreement document for obtaining a divorce in MA
In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, filing a Separation Agreement is recommended to formalize terms and conditions between the parties.

A written binding agreement between spouses that outlines their decisions on all divorce-related issues is one of the main papers in uncontested divorce cases. When completing it, spouses need to define how they will split marital property and debts, how child custody will be arranged, who will pay child support and alimony, and what the sum will be, etc. No official separation agreement form exists in Massachusetts, as it must be filled out based on the case specifics. The judge will likely consider the terms outlined in this document when issuing a Final Divorce Decree.

Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown

This legally sworn statement is made by one or both spouses and confirms that they seek marriage termination due to an irreparable breakdown but not due to the wrongdoing of one of them. This paper is usually submitted together with a Joint Petition for Divorce. The document is signed under the penalty of perjury, implying that the information provided is truthful and accurate.

Download Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown

Parent Education Program Certificate

Divorcing couples with kids have to complete a court-mandated parenting education program. It aims to educate partners to manage co-parenting, deal with possible challenges, and take care of kids’ well-being during and after a divorce. After successful completion of the course, parents will get a certificate. It must be filed with the court within 30 days after they receive it.


Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

The court uses this form to determine the amount of child support a non-custodial parent will have to pay on a predetermined basis. The calculations are made in accordance with child support guidelines. Usually, the judge will consider the income of both parents, the number of kids, the cost of health insurance and childcare, educational expenses, and other pertinent factors.

Download Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Final Judgment of Divorce

In Massachusetts, this document is also called Certificate of Divorce Absolute. It is the final decree issued by the court, formally dissolving marriage and outlining the terms and conditions of the divorce. While this paper becomes a public record, specific details, particularly those related to financial matters, may be kept confidential or redacted.

Final Thoughts

Massachusetts divorce paperwork can take much time and effort, especially if you lack legal knowledge and have never dealt with such documents. Some people decide to contact a lawyer for help with divorce forms. Others choose a more budget-friendly and quicker alternative and order the needed papers from online services. Yet, remember that such companies typically assist couples who apply for an uncontested divorce.

If that is your case and you want to complete divorce forms in the shortest time possible, place an order on our website. We offer moderate prices, fast turnaround, case-specific forms that comply with state laws, and absolute confidentiality. The documents we prepare for our clients can be used for an offline or an online divorce.

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